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The Central Event in the Balkan Security Industry

Welcome to “BALKAN SECURITY EXPO 2024”, a prestigious showcase of security solutions and innovations. Serving as the epicentre of visions and trends in the security industry, this expo brings together experts, innovators, and all interested parties from various security segments – technical protection, physical security, cyber security, consulting, fire protection, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, risk management, crisis management, and security education, among others.

With such an integrated approach, “BALKAN SECURITY EXPO 2024” establishes itself as a unique platform that promotes multidisciplinary collaboration and synergy among participants. This not only enhances common understanding and finds optimal solutions in the field of security but also lays the foundation for innovative approaches in protecting business values.

The organizer of this specialized event is RASEC (Regional Association for Security and Crisis Management), a renowned association of security management professionals, in collaboration with S4 GLOSEC Global Security LLC – a leader in corporate security, risk management, and crisis management. The media sponsor of the event is the web magazine, a representative regional portal covering a wide range of current security topics.

The primary goal of the “BALKAN SECURITY EXPO 2024” project is to create a favourable business environment. This event is just the first step on that path, initiating numerous business opportunities within the security industry. We are aware that the foundation for progress in security lies not only in technological achievements but equally in the strength of management, organization, professional networks, and partnerships that are yet to be built and strengthened.


“BALKAN SECURITY EXPO 2024” will enrich its program with a series of interactive lectures and workshops designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants in various security fields. Through a series of thematic lectures and workshops, this segment of the expo is intended to address the specific needs and challenges faced by organizations in different security areas.

The interactive programs are ideal for managers, owners, and experts in various public and private sector security fields to discover how traditional and innovative security solutions can contribute to the efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness of their organizations. Participants will have the opportunity to engage, ask questions, exchange experiences, and learn from leading experts, fostering professional development, innovative thinking, stable growth, and economic development.


“BALKAN SECURITY EXPO 2024” is more than just an expo – it is a regional platform offering the opportunity to showcase leading innovations and trends in the field of security. Exhibitors have the chance to negotiate directly with potential clients and partners, thereby encouraging professional networking, business opportunities, and knowledge exchange.

As responsible and dedicated organizers, we will do our utmost to ensure this event becomes a place where future security trends are shaped, where inspiration finds its free expression, and where innovations are accessible to all who perceive security as their professional calling.


“BALKAN SECURITY EXPO” is a unique opportunity to, in a great atmosphere and with exclusive content, jointly set new security standards in the region. We invite you to join this event, where we will collectively build the foundations for new visions and strategies in the field of security. Our shared goal is to create a safer society and a better environment for the generations to come.